Men at Work Podcast - Episode 1 - Sandy Sembler - Travis Streb

Episode 1 – Sandy Sembler

Welcome to the Men at Work Podcast, Episode 1!

Today’s podcast is a conversation with my friend Sandy Sembler. She is an incredible woman. She got her start as a teenager working in direct sales and went on to build a successful real estate lending business from scratch, while raising her son, largely as a single parent.

However, this is just a fraction of the Sandy’s story. As a coach and mentor, she’s helped dozens of men and women transform their business and relationships.

Sandy and I met at an embodiment workshop where I got to experience her energy and commitment firsthand. I learned that Sandy is a transformation partner for her clients and she had a big impact on me in just a couple of days.

Our conversation took us in a few directions and I loved it. As you’ll hear, we talked about:

– Not reprimanding a man for being a man
– Love languages and raising a son to being a great man
– Women and diffused awareness
– The truth behind the male Mid-Life Crises
– Treating women in a way that honours them
– Dadvent 
– Why Bringing home the bacon isn’t enough

Notes and Resources:

More about Sandy and her work can be found here:

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