Men at Work Podcast - Episode 2 - Shannon Leppky - Travis Streb

Episode 2 – Shannon Leppky

Today, we’re talking to my friend Shannon Leppky.

I spent a few years working with Shannon while she was at Manitoba Public Insurance. Every trip I made to Winnipeg I always made sure to schedule time with Shannon and our conversations would bleed well over the hour we allotted for coffee. I always walked away from those conversations thinking bigger and differently about my work and the world.

Shannon was the Chief Human Resource Officer at Manitoba Public Insurance for the better part of a decade. Today, she runs SEE Coaching and is the host of Red Chair: A women’s leadership program based in Winnipeg.

Shannon was extremely candid in sharing her views as an educator, executive, mother to two daughters and mentor to female leaders.

We talked about her experiences leading a decade-long culture transformation initiative at Manitoba Public Insurance. She opened up about what it means to a transform an organization by focusing on people, creativity and purpose.

We also discussed:

– The next tranche of gender in the workplace
– The differences between men and women when it comes to language and swearing
– The early socialisation of boys and girls and how this manifests later in life

Notes and Resources:

For more on Shannon Leppky and SEE Coaching / Red Chair check out her website:

How Women Rise: