Men at Work Podcast - Episode 4 - Brenda Allen - Travis Streb

Episode 4 – Brenda Allen

My guest for episode four is Brenda Allen.

I met Brenda a number of years ago when we were both working at The Humphrey Group. Brenda was the rockstar of women’s leadership development (travelling the world, speaking at conferences, constantly in demand) and she was gracious enough to let me in on her work.

Today Brenda has retained her rockstar status and continues to be a renowned coach, speaker, advisor and champion of women’s leadership in workplace diversity and inclusion.

Today she works with Davis Pier and is based in Halifax. In this conversation we got a chance to lift the veil on women’s leadership development, focusing on:

– What is women’s leadership? Why do we need it?
– Identifying gender bias in the workplace
– Measures men can take to lead more inclusively

Brenda also shared her candid views on gender pay issues, maternity leave, the difference between how women and men compete.

Notes and Resources:

More about Brenda and her work:

The EACH Acronym for building inclusive workplaces:

Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, Humility

Information on our mutual friend Tej Hazra: