Men at Work Podcast - Episode 5 - Michael Muscari - Travis Streb

Episode 5 – Mike Muscari

This week my guest is Mike Muscari.

Mike is an entrepreneur, speaker and coach who is on a mission to help people live by their deepest values. Mike recalls his journey from the financial world to founder of The Purpose Method, providing suggestions for you to incorporate more meaning into your everyday life. During the conversation we cover:

– The myth of achievement
– Discovering what matters to you
– Redefining success according to these values
– Holding yourself accountable to your life purpose

I’m sure you’ll find this to be an engaging and insightful listen. For further information, check out The Purpose Method (link below), and don’t forget to rate/review the show wherever you get your podcasts.

Notes and Resources:

Think And Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill 17 Principles Of Success – by Napoleon Hill

Wayne Dyer’s work on Purpose Dan Millman’s Books –

Mike’s Website –

Mike’s Instagram –

Mike’s (amazing) Lyposomal Vitamin Company –