Men at Work Podcast - Episode 6 - Keith MacPherson - Travis Streb

Episode 6 – Keith Macpherson

Episode 6 features Keith Macpherson, a trained life coach and professional musician.

Keith has an incredibly interesting background and an equally compelling goal. That’s because he believes mindfulness should be made accessible to everyone, no matter their life circumstances.

In this conversation we dissect the meaning of mindfulness and de-mystify the perception that it is unattainable for most people. You’ll hear some of Keith’s key mindfulness principles and techniques, helping you to:

– Expose the saboteur that is inhibiting your potential
– Worry less and focus on the present moment
– Express emotions to improve your personal and professional 

This is an intriguing listen for anyone seeking more awareness of themselves and their behaviours.

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Notes and Resources:

To find out more about Keith’s work, visit

Keith’s book, Making Sense of Mindfulness –…dfulness-book