Men at Work Podcast - Episode 10 - Heather and Mike Odendaal - Travis Streb

Episode 10 – Heather & Mike Odendaal

This week Heather and Mike Odendaal, Founders of WNorth: A Global Gathering of Women on the rise. The WNORTH Conference has had four sold-out conferences and numerous satellite events in Chapter cities. Past events have featured speaker from Amazon, CISCO, HSBC, Google, PwC and Lyft.

Heather and the WNORTH brand has been recognized in the Globe and Mail, Chatelaine Magazine, Huffington Post and BCBusiness.

In my interview with Heather and Mike we share some great stories and dig into some big issues, namely:

  • The story behind WNorth
  • Getting more men in the room for this movement
  • The role of men as champions of women
  • Confidence and Imposter syndrome in both men and women
  • Time to stop talking about issues and and start doing the work

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