Episode 11 – Blake Zealear

Today’s conversation is with Blake Zealear. Blake is a coach and teacher of embodiment, men’s leadership and relational intimacy. His journey has been marked my many rounds of personal reinvention and transformation, and he brings that experience to his coaching.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Climbing the mountain of should
  • Masculine and feminine energy in the workplace
  • How corporate culture is broken (especially for men)
  • How feelings and emotion are a liability at work
  • Why men should be cultivating  intuition, emotion and feeling

Stay tuned for the end of the conversation where Blake leaves the audience with a 5 minute practice to help heal the rift between men and women.

Notes & Resources:

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Author at the Good Men Project:

Links from the Show:

Brady Gill’s “The Mountain of Should” short animated film