Episode 12 – Eric Arthrell

Today’s conversation is with Eric Arthrell. Eric Arthrell is the leader, Future of Men in the Workplace at Deloitte and works with senior executives and men throughout the organization to define new valuable and meaningful roles for men at work and home. In April 2019, he co-authored and launched The Design of Everyday Men Report, Deloitte’s perspective on men’s relationships with work, family, and masculinity in a world where default gender roles are changing. He developed the report concept when he was trying to figure out how he could best support his wife once their first child was born and felt there was opportunity for men to be more positive and active participants in gender equality.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • The experience of men at work
  • Moving beyond ‘supporting’ women and actually changing our behaviour as men
  • The ‘Ideal Man’ in society, at home and at work
  • Emotion in the workplace
  • Eric’s research insights from his research
  • Being a conscious father, husband, colleague, and man in society

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