Episode 14 – Matt Walker

Today’s conversation is with Matt Walker. Matt is a coach, speaker, adventurer and a man who is deeply on purpose. As the managing director and founder of Matt Walker Adventures, Matt has more than twenty years of international mountain guiding experience. Before the age of 40, Matt had Led expeditions on every continent, published a book, survived an open night out at 25,000 feet without a sleeping bag, became a father to two children and made the cover of Yoga Journal (he doesn’t even practice yoga).

In this conversation, we talk about…

  • The link between outdoor leadership and organizational leadership
  • Embodiment
  • Pushing beyond comfort while staying open
  • The importance of spending time with other men
  • Vulnerability and open-heartedness
  • Conscious parenting (aka – Sugar and Shake)

At the end of the episode, Matt offers up a 10-day challenge for all of my listeners to take on as a way to deepen their impact in the world.

More on Matt and his work:

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