Episode 17 – Rainier Wylde

Today’s conversation is with Rainier Wylde. Bottom line—he helps men re-discover who they are, where they’re going, and who is going with them.

Having lived many past lives as a successful entrepreneur, a psychotherapist, a professor of psychology, and a spiritual director, his primary focus these days (when he’s not interviewing men for his podcast LOST MAN STANDING) is helping men take practical steps towards reconnecting with their essential self, defining their sense of purpose, and building their tribe—all of which gives them the ability to live an empowered, independent, and joyful life.

He is mentor a select number of men as they go through life transitions. Rainier holds a MA in Community Counseling & Psychology, he’s a Certified Vocational Specialist, and is a Certified CBT Life Coach

In this episode we talk about: 

  • Rainier’s own journey in discovering his true purpose
  • Turning the light on in the basement of shadows
  • The state of men in society today
  • The role of initiation in building better men
  • Feminine and masculine polarity
  • Conscious vs. unconscious transformation 
  • Mindfulness, awareness and consciousness 

More on Rainier and his work:

Evolving WILDE (Rainier’s Website):

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