Episode 25 – Erin Sills

Today’s conversation is with Erin Sills

Erin is the Founder of High Impact Lab. Erin’s professional purpose is to re-humanize organizations by shifting the quality of conversations that people are having, and surfacing the ones they are not. Erin has worked with leaders and organizations to increase their impact for close to 20 years. Her approach has been described as challenging, inspiring and thought-provoking. Erin has worked with leaders from across industries and around the world as they seek to increase performance and results.

In addition to her consulting practice, Erin has also been a senior leader in organizations so she knows that a leader’s time is precious. Leadership and team development needs to be relevant, contextual and about real life.

For fun and adventure, she can be found playing in the woods – on feet or on two wheels — with her husband, two kids and their dog tagging along.

In this episode we talk about:

Humans as leaders

Relational Leadership

Emotions at work

More on Erin and her Work: