Episode 29 – Brett Trainor

Today’s conversation is with Brett Trainor.

Brett is the Co-Founder and President of Mountain Mentors, a renowned backcountry mentorship program that facilitates relationships for women in British Columbia. Brett is also a consultant with Viewscape, a specialized consulting firm that seeks to deliver breakthroughs in corporate culture, strategy, and leadership. Her newest venture, Brett Sandra retreats, seeks to bring both of her worlds together by using backcountry hiking experiences as the context for leadership development and personal growth for women.

Brett is passionate about growing relationships and building community, as well as speaking publicly about creating more inclusive outdoor spaces. Brett holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and a BS Global Resource System (Hons) from the University of British Columbia. In her free time, you can find her exploring out of her North Vancouver home-base, on skis, bikes, or on foot, with a snack in hand.

Today’s conversation is with Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss from ROCKdotVOSS Communications.

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