Episode 37 – George Bryant

Today’s conversation is with George Bryant 

As far back as George Bryant can remember, he has searched for someone to tell him he was okay. Born as a baby addicted to cocaine to a mother with severe mental illness and a dysfunctional family, life was never “okay”.

He talks openly now of stories of abuse – both physical and sexual, of driving his father’s Harley Davidson through the door of a shed at four years old, of violence, bullying, self-harm, eating disorders… screaming for attention, screaming for validation, desperate to feel loved, desperate to just feel.

Every lesson he teaches comes from his journey back to love and, once you know what to look for, you see it everywhere: ‘fulfillment’ sequences, ‘nurture’ sequences, ‘out-caring’ competition.

In this episode we talk about: 

  • George’s story 
  • Being addicted to our own stories 
  • Bonding over stress and trauma 
  • Men and eating disorders and exercise culture
  • Awareness as a practice
  • The mask of accomplishment 
  • Stoicism for men 

More on George and his beautiful mind: