Experience true potential as a leader through clear,
heart-centered action. 

a grounding philosophy

In my view, leadership is about three conversations.

  1.  The conversation you’re having with yourself.
    Where do you place your awareness? How do you see yourself as a leader? Do you know what drives your decisions and actions?
  2. The conversation you have out in the world — how you carry yourself, how you communicate, how you move through the world, and how you get things done.
  3. The conversation other people are having about you when you’re not around. Is it one about someone who’s grounded in their values, true to their word, and able to achieve great things in their work?

This leadership concept isn’t complicated. What is complicated is bringing these ideas to life outside of our thoughts. That’s where I come in.

Ready to dive in?

Purpose, Depth, Clarity.

embodied leadership

Hi, I’m Travis — leadership coach, facilitator, dad, and human being. Using embodied leadership, I help high-performing leaders ask for and get even more from themselves and the people around them. 

This is about taking core leadership concepts, and making them real through our actions so that we can operate from a place of purpose, depth, and clarity.

This practice allows leaders to show up and get things done in a way that’s authentic, inspiring, and deliberate.

Through years of 1:1 executive coaching, consulting with teams, and facilitating group workshops, I’ve found goals and accomplishments are all secondary to the way you show up in the world and the workplace.

Embodiment is something we’ve let pass us by in our culture of perpetual busyness, distractions, and leadership hacks. Together, let’s move away from the tired leadership models of the past (I’m looking at you, Don Draper) and lead through authentic, heart-centered action.

How I came into this work

Before discovering the practice of embodied leadership, I had read just about every major business, leadership, and personal development book on the market. I was excellent at learning the material, understanding the concepts, and intellectualizing the content in my brain. 

Where I hit a wall was putting this knowledge into practice. Embodiment was a real edge for me, and it’s how I came into this work. I had that lightbulb moment thanks to some great teachers and later brought this practice into my coaching work. It has been transformative for my clients AND me.

Where I Am Today

Before starting my coaching organization in 2017, I spent a decade delivering workshops and coaching high-level leaders across North America. Through this work, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of leaders to help them reshape their impact in the world. 

Today, I bring this experience to my own practice as well as some other partnerships. First, I’m a Lead Consultant with Viewscape Management Consulting, where I design and deliver transformative experiences for leaders and their teams. I also lead the Regulatory Practice at JTS Consulting, where I help regulated utilities, insurers, and others put a human face on their regulatory applications. 

Aside from being a coach, I’m a father, husband, and recovering bike racer.  I’m the founder of Dadvent, host of the Men at Work Podcast, leader of a Vancouver-based Embodied Men’s Group and a workshop leader for men. Phew, that was a mouthful!