Join me and a group of other conscious men who are committed to constant spiritual and personal growth. 

Embodied Men's Work


I am on a mission to bring Embodied Men’s Work to Canada. As part of this mission, I bring together a group of men living lives of purpose and depth. Men who are ready to bring even more of themselves to the world. This is a group of men who will sit with you, listen to you, and help you see your gifts and your shadows.

how it works

Each month, we meet for three hours in Deep Cove and work together to cultivate purpose and embody the men we want to be. 

As men, we’re great at understanding and intellectualizing the things we learn. We’re good at talking, reasoning, rationalizing. Where we often run into a roadblock is making things real through our actions. This inaction is where the practice of embodiment comes in, and where this group is different from other men’s groups out there.

In the Embodied Men’s Group, we learn and grow through action. This means breathwork and movement, which is the hallmark of the group. Together, we work to reprogram our societal and cultural programming so we can start showing up with purpose and intention.

what's in it for you?

  • Learn to step into healthy expressions of your masculine and feminine energy.
  • Cultivate a way of being in the world aligned with your deepest purpose and personal values.
  • Bring your victories and challenges into a container of masculine compassion and empathy.
  • Bring depth and purpose to your relationships, your work, and the world.
  • Develop a practice of opening, deepening, and loving.
  • Get feedback and accountability in the safety of other conscious men.
  • Release yourself from the suffering and burden that most men face today.

our principles

  • We are equals - no man is above any other man or creature.
  • Learning happens from each other, moment to moment.
  • No guru. I'm there to provide structure — the rest is up to you.
  • Safety and confidentiality. This container is tight.