Deep Cove Men's Nights

Experience brotherhood and connection like no other.

2024 Dates Below - Deep Cove, North Vancouver

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Each month, we meet for three hours in Deep Cove and work together to cultivate purpose and embody the men we want to be.

As men, we’re great at understanding and intellectualizing the things we learn. We’re good at talking, reasoning, rationalizing. Where we often run into a roadblock is making things real through our actions. This inaction is where the practice of embodiment comes in, and where this group is different from other men’s groups out there.

In the Embodied Men’s Group, we learn and grow through action. This means breathwork and movement, which is the hallmark of the group. Together, we work to reprogram our societal and cultural programming so we can start showing up with purpose and intention.

Schedule for the first half of 2024:

January 18th – Deep Cove Men’s Night

February 22nd – Deep Cove Men’s Night

March 7th – Deep Cove Men’s Night

April 17th – Deep Cove Men’s Night (NOTE CHANGE OF DATE)

May 9th – Deep Cove Men’s Night

June 6th – Deep Cove Men’s Night

July 11th – Deep Cove Men’s Night

August 8th – Deep Cove Men’s Night

October 9th – Deep Cove Men’s Night


Please contact Travis for location details.