Work with Me

An embodied leader can integrate knowledge into experience, values into action and create the kind of legacy most leaders only dream of.
High performance executives find themselves in a constant wheel of corporate pressure. Many feel trapped by there endless list of tasks duties and burden. They see no escape. They find themselves grinding away, while quietly yearning for deeper impact.

If you’re tired of operating on your old frequency and are looking for some freedom and space to deeply impact those around you, then embodied leadership will open up a world of possibilities. My practice blends awareness, wisdom, action to change your operating system to an entirely new way of being.

Leadership is too complex to be boiled down to a framework, structure or single process. Instead, I listen and use a variety of approaches and tools to help you along your journey to take the next step towards a life and legacy that inspires you. With this kind of guidance, my clients take small bite-sized actions to open themselves up to the world around them and, in doing so, achieve incredible things.

I work with clients who are hungry for better organizations and better people and who are excited about creating new possibilities and wish to fulfill a powerful vision. I am not a guru or an evangelist. My approach is highly practical and grounded in your day-to-day reality. In truth, you don’t need more knowledge or more information. You just need a consistent practice and someone who can guide you along the path.



12 Months of Coaching. I am by your side as your concierge trusted advisor for an entire year and we set our sights on nothing short of your transformation. We meet every two weeks and we get together in-person for a 2-3 day private intensive.

Clients have worked with me in this capacity to powerfully step into CEO roles, become the most trusted executive in their company, reinvent themselves professionally and personally, consciously and meticulously uncouple from long-term relationships, and create legacies that will ripple out for decades to come.


6 Months of Coaching. I am your coach for 6 months as we move you towards something big enough to inspire you for a lifetime. We meet every two weeks and we get together for a 1-day or 2 x half-day deep dive intensives.

Clients have worked with me in this capacity to step powerfully into executive roles, discover and live from a deep purpose, forge unbreakable bonds with their partners and children, step out of the shadows of their overbearing boss, and to cultivate a level of fierceness and compassion that inspires their people.


90 Days of Coaching. We are either tuning you up or giving you a crash course in embodied leadership. We work together weekly for 90 days to jumpstart your development in a specific area or to give you the foundation you need to lead more powerfully that you ever thought possible.

Clients have worked with me in this capacity to tune them up after they’ve caught themselves drifting, teach them the fundamentals of embodied leadership, develop specific leadership traits or deepen existing ones, and to rediscover their purpose after a major life event.

Team Coaching

6-12 months of coaching for your Senior Leadership or Executive Team. We work on rewiring the operating system of the team and the individual, not theories or psychological assessments. In addition to live, in-the-moment training, this is a deep dive into the relational fabric and patterns of a high-performance team.

We set the bar nice and high and our outcomes are as much about team execution as they are about courageous, authentic leadership.

Teams have worked with me in this capacity to find comfort in being raw and unfiltered with one another without the egocentric edge, doube their year-on-year revenue while focusing on people and relationships, move from a place of being victims to becoming creators of their own destiny, and strengthen relationships through intense disagreement and high-stakes decision-making.