Light on Theory,
Heavy on practice

Discover embodied leadership.

Leadership is a moment-to-moment transmission. Let’s tune it up.

My practice is embodied leadership. This is about taking core leadership concepts (presence, communication, relationships) and making them real through your actions. I’m light on theory and heavy on practice and accountability.

I work with clients one on one and in teams to help them bring their visions, values, strategies and ideas to life. I do this through intensive coaching sessions, transformative group workshops and raw, unfiltered feedback. My goal is to move individuals and teams into a new way of being that is clearer, deeper and far more effective than they ever imagined.


Embodiment is something we’ve let pass us by.

Cultivate a way of being

I believe that true success for leaders today comes from cultivating a clear and deliberate a way of being. Goals, tasks and accomplishments matter in all aspects of work and life, but they are secondary to your way of being.

Redefining the role of men in the world of work.

The Men at Work Podcast

The future isn’t female. The future isn’t male. The future is Human.

So what does that mean for men in the workplace today? How does the world need us to show up and give our gifts? Why do most of our models for masculine leadership look like a scene from Mad Men? Dive in and see how this outdated notion is being disrupted and reinvented all over the world.