People are hungry for
a new kind of leader.


Someone who is on purpose, deeply present, and connected to their heart.

The New Currencies of Leadership

People want more depth, more connection, and more heart from the people they choose to follow. Maybe these are traits you didn’t think you’d need as a leader — ones no one taught you. But these are the markers of great leadership, and they’re precisely the traits I help cultivate.

People don’t care how much money you’ve made, how many companies you’ve bought and sold, what kind of car you drive, or even how you look. Following is a choice people make day in, day out — and it’s not just choosing to work for you. There are a lot of people out there who will work for you while quietly putting their discretionary effort into another cause, another mission, or a bigger vision.

If you want people to really connect to your mission, they have to connect to you. They have to trust you. They have to be willing to spend their effort and emotional labour on your cause.

Here’s the tough part: this is an exercise in embodiment. All the books and theories in the world won’t help you. Building this kind of trust and connection happens through the body. It’s where people decide if you’re worth putting their heart into.

Embodied leadership starts from the inside out.

Cultivate a way of being

It’s hard to imagine a professional athlete without a coach. Heck, some at the top have more than one. I’d argue that executive life is no less challenging, and being an effective leader in today’s business environment can feel more and more complex every day.

Maybe you have trouble effectively communicating with your team. Or perhaps you find it hard to stay centered and present through challenges. You may even find yourself lost in a never-ending sea of leadership shortcuts, hacks, and 10-step guides. Most leaders today have been taught to rely on intellect and strategy, after all.

These are all challenges I’ve helped many high-performing leaders and their teams work through. It can get lonely at the top, and having a coach in your corner, helping you navigate through it all can be that missing puzzle piece in becoming the leader you yearn to be.

  • Embodied leadership takes the abstract components of leadership like presence, purpose, communication, relationships, and brings them to life through consistent, intentional action.When you start by cultivating a deep sense of purpose, clarifying your values, and refining your mission, your way of being becomes the foundation of your doing.
  • Through 1:1 coaching, team development, and transformative group workshops, I help leaders bring more depth, purpose, and heart to the world and their work. These are, after all, what people are hungry for in this new era.
  • This unique approach — defining the way you show up in the world and allowing that to inform your goals and vision — is all about taking the conceptual and making it real. There isn’t a straight line to becoming a leader worth following. It can be hard to bring out the best in yourself and others without losing sight of your mission and your strategy. It’s messy; it requires daily practice, and raw, unfiltered feedback. But that’s where I come in.
  • I’m not a guru or an evangelist. Instead, I’m the coach in your corner, helping you embody the depth, presence, and purpose the world wants from you. My approach is highly practical and grounded in the day-to-day reality of my clients. I’m light on theory and heavy on making things happen.

through working with me,
you will:

  • Refine and deepen your presence so you can carry yourself like a leader
  • Cultivate a deeper awareness of yourself and your impact
  • Sharpen and deepen your impact on people
  • Be able to lead your team with more direction and connection
  • Learn to be more trustable as a leader
  • Be grounded by a deep purpose
  • Show up more powerfully to the challenges and victories you face
  • Bring depth and clarity to your interactions (conversations, presentations, meetings)

Redefining the role of men in the world of work.

The Men at Work Podcast

The future isn’t female. The future isn’t male. The future is Human.

So what does that mean for men in the workplace today? How does the world need us to show up and give our gifts? Why do most of our models for masculine leadership look like a scene from Mad Men? Dive in and see how this outdated notion is being disrupted and reinvented all over the world.